Social Media’s Influence On EDM

Social media and edm sort of go hand in hand now a days. Back in the days before social media you had to actually go out and talk to people face to face if you wanted to become friends (ugh). Now, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we can do it all online! *insert happy cat gif*

Social media has helped create a community that hasn’t really been there before. Sure, there was definitely a community before social media, but it has grown huge thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s if you wanted to meet people you had to talk to them in person, which is kinda hard when you’ve got music blasting so loud you can feel it in your chest. So, the communities back then were much smaller. Now, we have social media that is changing the game. For example, if you search ‘ravechasers‘ on twitter you’ll come back with one of the main twitter accounts for the rave chasing community.  What is rave chasing? It’s basically people that go to a shit ton of raves. They’ll drive wherever as long as there’s good music and good vibes. This ravechasers account is the head account, with a bunch of other accounts connected to it, like local rave chasing and edm families. For example, I live in Kansas City so I follow, ravechasers, kc_ravechasers, iowaedmfam and a lot more but you get the point. The purpose of these accounts are to get more people involved in the edm community. Each show that the owners of these accounts go to they hold a “meet up”. They tweet out when and where at the venue this meet up will occur and people show up. I’ve met a bunch of cool people at these meet ups, including people that I go to raves with now. The picture below is from a Kc_ravechasers meet up at NGHTMRE (I’m in the blue on the left).

kc rave chasers

Other than just getting local’s to meet up at shows, social media gave us the ability to connect with people from far away. There’s a group on facebook called “NGHTMRE’s trap fiends” and it is basically a group that posts about NGHTMRE’s music and shows and where you can meet up with others in the group. This group allows people from California and New York to interact and share stories about their favorite shows, sets and songs.

Another interesting thing on twitter is the #PLURFollowTrain (PLUR stands for peace, love, unity and respect, a big thing in edm culture). Basically, people tweet that hashtag and they follow everyone who likes/retweets that tweet. This way people from all over the world can follow each other and essentially gain friends over the internet.

Social media allows people to connect like never before. I’ll give you a real life example that happened to me that made me start actually talking to fellow ravers over twitter. A few months ago I found a girl on twitter named Julie who is from Chicago. She followed me because I tweeted about bassnectar, her favorite artist. And since she followed me, it was only right that I followed back. We would occasionally tweet back and forth if one of us tweeted a dope song, or about a show or festival we were attending but that was pretty much the extent of the conversations. In January, I posted a picture of how my house caught fire and I lost almost everything I had. She saw that post, and immediately DM’d me asking for my address. I assumed she was going to send me a sticker or something but what I got was so much more. She ended up sending me a bassnectar shirt, 2 hat pins, car decals, and a bunch of artist temporary tattoos along with a 4 page letter. I had never had a conversation with her in real life, but the bond we had over music was something so much stronger than I had originally thought. Literally, I met her though twitter and she did something for me that was so unbelievably nice that I couldn’t help but get emotional over it. It’s crazy to think that tweeting someone on twitter that likes the same music as you could have such an impact in my life. Since then, we talk much more frequently and I plan on meeting up with her and her boyfriend (who I also follow on twitter) at Electric Forest this year.

Group meetup at Electric Forest 2015

Other than the community building aspect, social media has allowed the music that used to be underground to surface in the mainstream. People are posting  about edm more than ever, according to this article. And because of the increase in posts, more and more people are learning about edm and actually starting to listen to it. This different article also talks about how the average EDM fan tweets on average 11 times a day, unlike the regular twitter user who only posts 1.8 times a day. That’s a crazy big difference and you can see how much impact social media has had on the growth of the genre. It’s weird to think how raves used to under ground (literally) and now they’re growing huge into festivals of 100,000 people. Festivals such as EDC or Ultra are big names in the game, with Ultra trending all of last weekend because of their live stream. People on twitter would watch the stream and tweet #UltraLive and those tweets would be shown live on the screen as they were coming in.

So as you can tell, social media has done amazing things for the edm scene. It has grown its community immensely and has pushed an underground genre to the mainstream. I’m curious as to where social media will take this culture next. But for now we can only imagine what is to come.







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